WALK ON THE DARK SIDE – 12/19/2020

One comment on “WALK ON THE DARK SIDE – 12/19/2020

  1. Yahudah says:

    I saw this last year. And remember, the MAP are also Khazarians just like the Russian killers. Those who killed Yassa’Yah.
    These Khazarians don’t care to kill their own. I don’t know if you saw the video what is going on in Israel.
    Again their own people are eating out of garbage can on the streets.
    History is repeating. Is not 45 the other psychopath. Now he is angry that they don’t help him to stay in power.
    They got almost everything they want like the embassy and him 45 went to North Korea.
    And the so called peace with the other psycophat prince in Saudi Arabia.
    And one more thing not only the UA queen is a whore also the formal queen of The Netherlands.
    She even sacrifice her son who didn’t want to play the game. That’s one of the reason she step of.
    And the are still busy, because her son’s wife from Argentina ( where the Nazi went including Hitler) offers her sister.
    Dirty bastards
    Much love ack.

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